6 Şubat 2009 Cuma

Personality Assessment Of Frankfurter Sosis

Efenim bilirsiniz bu tarz testleri. Yuzlerce euro harcayip sirketler genelde yeni alacaklari calisanlarin profillerini cikartirlar. Bizim okul da sagolsun, bir sirketle anlasip bizi test ettirdi, onaylatti. Hatunun guya testin sonucuna bakip bana bilmedim bisey soylemesi gerekiyordu. Ancak testten once Nestle'de calismak istedigimi sagir sultana bile duyurmus olan bana, testten sonraki gorusmede soyle bir bastan asagiya bakip "Bence sen Nestle'de calismalisin" dedi. Gerizekalilik parayla degil tabi (pardon salak okulumun verdigi eurolari saymazsak). Hatunun yaptigi testten cikan karakter profilim ahanda burada:

FS = bendeniz

"FS can be seen as a person of good will. (allahim super iyi niyetliyim) She may tend to agree to avoid confrontation. She likes feedback from her manager on how she is doing. She prefers working for a participative manager. She does her best work in this kind of environment. FS, as a manager, can use her people skills to build group involvement and increase participation from the group. She is approachable, affectionate and understanding. She likes quality social relationships. She often will become friends with her customers or clients. (acaip dogru!) She likes to develop people and build organizations. (cok yaptik haci) FS is enthusiastic and usuall slow to anger. She is a team player and desires acceptance as a member of a team.

FS likes to be involved in decision-making process. When she has strong feelings about a particular problem, you should expect to hear these feelings, and they will be probably expressed in an emotional manner.(kosarak uzaklasin!) Because of her trust and willing acceptance of people, she may misjudge the abilities of others. She likes working for managers who make quick decisions. FS is good at giving verbal and nonverbal feedback that serves to encourage people to be open, to trust her and to see her as receptive and helpful. She may be inconsistent in disciplining others. She will not be overlooked or uninvolved. She will consistently try to inspire people to her point of view. She is good at solving problems that deal with people.

FS will know many people. She has a tendency to be a name dropper. She may do this without thinking, trying to establish rapport with people she may not know well. She is highly excited by what influences her. (haftalarca susmam konusurum) She often makes suggestions to others, but rarely attempts to force her ideas on them. She tends to influence people to her way of thinking by using verbiage as compared with others who like to use reports. FS has a tendency, which she regards as an ability, to talk smoothly, readily and at length. She has the ability to look at the whole problem; for example, thinking about relationships, being concerned about the feelings of others and focusing on the real impact of her decisions and actions. She judges others by their verbal skills and warmth. She has the ability to sense what people want to hear. She then tends to tell people what she thinks they want to hear.(tam avukat olacak kadinmisim bea.. diger altenatif de reklamci ya da satisci!)

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